Dakota Miracle is an albino bison.  He is owned by the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown, North Dakota.  His mother White Cloud has given birth to three albino bison.  The museum has the largest buffalo in the world.  If you visit this museum you will enjoy the artifacts and paintings and information on the early plains life.  Step into all of the buildings and see what life was like.  I purchased a bison skull in The Trading Post which has lots of artifacts to purchase or just look at. The native tribes considered the White Buffalo as sacred.  Only one in ten million are born white.  To read the legend of the White Buffalo visit this site.  www.lightningmedicinecloud.com/legend

6.1" X 10.34"     $45.00
10.9" X 18.3"     $90.00
12.7" X 21.3"   $135.00